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Ageless Memorial Cremation Urns and Heirloom Woodart Studio Vessels are individually crafted from fine and often rare hardwood by one of California's outstanding wood artists. By commissioning us to memorialize your loved one, you honor their memory with a vessel which recognizes the unique qualities of that individual. Each piece stands alone as a lovely classic work of art and many are in collections across the country purely for their decorative value.

  • Each piece is commissioned by you and custom crafted to meet your needs!
  • These vessels are unique in that no two are ever alike, such as you might find from large vendors!
  • Each piece is fashioned from a single piece of wood, not glued together scraps which do not provide the uniqueness and individuality befitting your honored loved one!

Letters From Clients

"The urn is amazingly beautiful! My entire family loved it. We looked everywhere for an urn as beautiful as my mother. She loved the arts and had great taste and would have loved the urn that you created." K.J.-Seattle

"The urn is everything I asked for. The more I look at it, the more exquisite it becomes. It's just gorgeous. Thank you for your artistry." Dr. G -Los Angeles

In offering these commissioned works of art to you we aid in your desire to honor the memory of your loved one, and to remind you that theirs was a singular life and their memory deserves a memorial befitting that life and its' contribution to your happiness.

Click on Memorial Urns to illustrate some of the basic forms available, though we can create almost any conceivable rounded form from an illustration. Perhaps your loved one had a favorite wood or an object that we can incorporate into or onto the design to further emphasize the unique qualities of that individual. Within some limitations we will strive to create for you a beautiful memorial work of art befitting the memory of your loved one.

Click on Pet Urns for Vessels suitable for pets or partial cremains up to 50 pounds.

An Essay By The Artist

We invite you to contact us via E-Mail or Telephone and allow us to help choose the best form, size, and wood to honor your loved one.

E-mail Us
Telephone: (530-938-3833) Bob Havlan, 9A.M. to 6 P.M. Pacific Time
at Heirloom Woodart Studio Overlooking Mt. Shasta, California

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